Handsome Up (Original)
Handsome Up (Original)
Handsome Up (Original)
Handsome Up (Original)

Handsome Up (Original)

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HANDSOME UP is an internationally patented health strengthening device based on physiological principles. It was developed after years of research and clinical testing. Since its introduction, it has been widely acclaimed in medical circles as the safest and most effective way to solve underdevelopment of the genital area and degenerating sexual capability.


By use of an exercise method that alternatively expands and relaxes the male organ, HANDSOME UP directly stimulates the cell tissue of the male genital area, thereby increasing the body's own secretion of hormones. Such genital exercise also helps to improve the body's blood circulation and general metabolism. With regular daily use (r.d.u.), the erectile tissue is able to grow rapidly, thereby activating one's own sexual energy. Use of HANDSOME UP can therefore effectively arrest the aging process, improve one's health, and ensure a happier sex life.

  1. Easy application allows use of HANDSOME UP in your own home, at the country club, or in any place which has a reasonable amount of privacy.
  2. Absolutely free from any side effects, the use of HANDSOME UP involves no medicine, Injections, or operations.
  3. With HANDSOME UP amazing results can be achieved within a short time.


  1. Attach the rubber mouth (one of three) ( 1) around the large end of the transparent Tube(2).
  2. Connect the air bulb and hose kit to the opposite end of the transparent penis tube nipple(3), (4) .
  3. Push the centre rubber ring in to make it recessed and flat. Apply a small amount of UP-Q lubricant on the rubber ring's centre rim to allow easy entrance for the penis. Caution: Never us petroleum based lubricants!
  4. Position the head of the penis against the centre rubber ring and hold the penis tube firmly (6) with one hand, while beginning to pump with the other hand.
  5. Squeeze the rubber bulb to pump the air out from the tube, thereby creating suction. Push the air release valve (5) as soon as the penis enlarges by 3 cm (refer to the measurement scale on the transparent tube), or when no further air can be pumped out of the tube. Repeat this procedure for 10 minutes once a day, every day.
  6. Note: Should the penis curve downward and touch the tube, apply some lubricant (UOP-Q) on the tube rim to eliminate friction.
  7. Record the size of your penis before initial usage, and measure again every two weeks.

During application, if it is difficult to cause expansion of the penis due to air leakage where the rubber ring touches the penis, use the next smaller-sized rubber ring to ensure an air tight seal. This device is absolutely effective, but the spread of results may vary in direct proportion to age and physical condition of the user. Premature ejaculation problems can be eliminated in two weeks. Most other erectile tissue problems can be eliminated in two weeks. For other erectile tissue problems, effects can normally be realised within two months of regular daily use.


Refrain from lending HANDSOME UP to others in order to avoid spreading any skin rashes or diseases. Recognise the HANDSOME UP brand when purchasing, it is your assurance of quality. Rubber rings are available in S, M and L sizes. After using HANDSOME UP, avoid intercourse or masturbation for at least two hours.

The Original Handsome Up, featuring metal release valve, 3 pieces spare sleeves, single fusion cylinder, users manual, over 100,000 + units sold, the original best seller.