Rocks Off - Regala - Fuchsia
Rocks Off - Regala - Fuchsia

Rocks Off - Regala - Fuchsia

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Surrender to Ecstasy Regala’s sensory velvet touch, sophisticated lines and ergonomic dimensions have been skilfully crafted to drive you towards the ultimate A spot orgasm.

The elegantly curved elongated shaft and precision tip enables Regala to glide effortlessly into position to arouse and stimulate your A-spot

 The powerful dual independent motors will become the catalyst of your own unique blend of pleasure as Regala sends deep sensual vibrations to the shaft, tip and clitoral stimulation points as you fall endlessly and deeply into a shuddering full-body orgasm.

  • Velvet sensory soft body safe silicone
  • Metallic ABS
  • Powerful dual independent Clitoral stimulation and shaft motors
  • 10 functions x 2 for individual blended pleasure
  • LED pulse
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Magnetic USB charge
  • 3 hours charge time for up to 3 hours of pleasure.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath…………………….

Turn on:

Press/hold button for 3 seconds to turn LED on SLOW flashing (pulse) to indicate product is ready for use / stand-by mode


LED on constant for all settings

Low battery life:

LED FAST flashes (pulse) when battery power low  


On constant while charging

Flashing when fully charged