Cancellations & Returns

Your product isn't faulty? - Why We Do Not Take Non-Defective Returns

  • 1. We believe strongly in treating our customers with respect. Due to the nature of the products we sell we want to make sure that our customers are protected and fostering clean, hygienic and healthy living. We do everything we can to make sure that everything we sell is clean, hygienic, sealed and has never been used or directly touched by a human. Once an order leaves our warehouse facility there is no way of verifying that the products within are still new and unused and therefore we do not take returns beyond a 14 day faulty replacement warranty, which we outline above.


    • 2. Should we undertake accepting non-faulty returns, we would be subjecting our customer to the potential risks of contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) - this raises potential liability claims, lawsuits, and even legislative problems in us sending out a sex toy that may have been used. We care about our customer's health and feel very strongly that no business should ever risk a customer's health in this manner.


      • 3. Our staff have to handle returns - should a return be accepted back and potentially have been used, then we would be putting at risk our staff in touching these kinds of returns and this directly contravenes many Federal Health and Hygiene Laws regarding the safe workplace for employees.


        We try our very best to keep all of our customers happy and appreciate your respect in understanding the reasons why we are unable to accept non-faulty returns as health and hygiene is a very important issue.


        Because of the personal nature of the products sold, we do not offer returns or refunds on any products purchased on this site. If the product you have purchased has a factory defect and is not in working order, we will replace it with a working one. Please use the "Returns" under Customer Service to notify us of the problem. Any returns of this kind must be made within 10 working days of the purchase date. The purchaser will be responsible for payment of the return postage.

        Before purchasing lingerie items, please read the sizing chart. Make sure you get your measurements correct and use the chart provided. Most lingerie and clothing products sold in Australia are not made here and sizes can be very different. The chart relates European sizing to Australian. We will not replace or refund lingerie unless it has a factory defect or is damaged in transit. If damaged in transit, you must get the postal or transit company to fill out a damaged stock report which should then be sent or emailed to us.